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Exacta Connect’s HHR system is based on widely accepted pari-mutuel wagering rules and uses plurality of races to maximize different outcomes that provide popular gaming experiences.

Digital Tote Board

Get your players excited to win the moment they
walk through the door! The Exacta Digital Tote Board
puts all your possible jackpot pools on display.
  • Dual Sided 55″ HD LCD Displays
  • Height: 77″ x Width: 32″ x Depth 6.5″
  • Advertise All Possible Jackpot Pools
  • Automatic Denomination Indexing
  • Also Available in Horizontal Wall Mount
  • Contact for Installation Options


Keep your players coming back for more. The Exacta Jackpot Controller provides a live feed of the max wager jackpot pool so the grand prize is always visible from the game floor
  • Dual Sided 55" HD LCD Displays
  • Height: 77" x Width: 32" x Depth 6.5"
  • Advertises All Possible Jackpot Pools