The natural evolution of Historical Horse Racing

The Exacta System is the result of decades of experience in developing legally compliant products for central determinant gaming markets. The unique architecture enables the natural evolution of Historical Horse Racing without the need for expensive hardware and/or software updates to terminals. In addition, this innovative system architecture supports multiple game vendors and virtually unlimited math modeling capabilities on a single system enabling Exacta to deliver one of the most diverse game libraries in central determinant activities.

The concept behind the central determinant structure is to empower operators by completely separating game purchases from system purchases. Game purchases are no longer tied to long term system contracts and the hassle and expense of learning and operating multiple systems. Exacta’s Central Determinant Translator Protocol allows any game vendor to connect to the system, thus enabling operators to choose best of breed games and encouraging competition between game manufacturers to maximize earnings.

This best of breed philosophy extends to supporting systems as well. Since Exacta’s system focuses solely on outcome generation and jurisdictional compliance, operators can choose their preferred vendor for accounting, casino management, and player tracking.

By choosing the Exacta System, operators receive:

  • • A diverse and dynamic game library utilizing multiple content vendors and a variety of cabinet styles
  • • A unified outcome generation system
  • •GLI certified compliance with jurisdictional regulatory requirements
  • • Centralized management tools and reports, as well as a convenient dashboard for monitoring the system
  • • On-property, off-site and cloud based hosting configuration options
  • • Robust security, user management controls and auditing functionality
  • • Freedom of choice for accounting, floor management, and player tracking systems
  • • Consistency of game play rules and user interfaces across terminals reducing or eliminating player confusion
  • • The ability to upgrade due to changing central determinant requirements without costly gaming terminal updates
  • • The ability to swap outcome generation systems (Class II, Historical Horse Racing, etc.) as markets change without costly capital investments
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CDT Dashboard

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Parimutuel Pool