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Connect System Advantages

Exacta’s unrivaled systems, technical expertise and high-touch customer support makes the conversion to HHR a seamless and compromise-free process.

The EXACTA CONNECT® Protocol allows any game manufacturer to connect to the system, thus enabling operators to choose from a diverse and dynamic game library utilizing multiple content vendors to deploy a wide variety of the latest content and hardware configurations.

EXACTA CONNECT maximizes earnings on the floor by separating game purchases from system purchases.

With Exacta, game purchases are no longer tied to the hassle and huge cost of learning, operating and maintaining multiple systems.

As race-based and other centrally determined games evolve, our flexible architecture can adapt without the need for expensive hardware and/or software updates to game consoles.

Freedom of choice for accounting, casino management and player tracking systems.

Game designer friendly features such as Parigressives™ and progressives and user friendly security, user management controls and auditing functionality.

Consistency of game play rules and user interfaces across game consoles reduce or eliminate player confusion.

Optimal system to maximize profitability on your floor.

  • The pari-mutuel feature provides a stable and predictable revenue model for operators.
  • A unified outcome generation system.

Data at your fingertips

CONNECT has the Exacta Interact feature that enables operators to tap into real time data streams for marketing and business intelligence.

The ability to swap outcome generation systems (Class II, Race Based Gaming, etc.) as markets change without costly capital investments.


Centralized management tools and reports, as well as a convenient dashboard for monitoring the system.

On-property, off-site and cloud-based system hosting configuration options.

Future-forward Legal Expertise

Flexibility of the system architecture reflects decades of experience in developing legally compliant products for central determinant gaming markets.

GLI and BMM certified compliance with jurisdictional regulatory requirements.

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