Exacta News | February 11, 2015

Encore Racing Based Games (RBG) Announces Entry Into Historic Horse Racing Market

Boca Raton, FL – Encore Racing Based Games (RBG) announced today that it is entering the Historic Horse Racing market as a systems, platform, totalizator, and game provider. HHR is the fast-paced electronic form of horse race wagering based on previously run races.

The EncoreRBG system was designed from the ground up with state of the art features, including a technologically advanced tote server, operating system, and an open architecture platform that will allow outside game developers to create new game titles specifically for the EncoreRBG system. CEO Ray Reid founded the company to provide the racing industry with a cutting edge product that appeals to both electronic game players and handicappers, attracts new customers and finally allows historic horse racing to fulfill its enormous potential.

“Historic horse racing has the ability to inject significant revenue into the industry, but the product must be competitive and able to provide the best possible customer experience,” commented Reid. “We recruited the best talent from across the country to develop a historic horse racing system that is exciting, innovative, and technologically second to none.”

The EncoreRBG system will launch with 21 available game titles. Nine additional game titles have completed the development process and will be introduced in the next six months, with several more titles entering the development and testing phases.

“Customers demand a wide variety of game titles to choose from, and they require constant innovation and fresh new content,” remarked EncoreRBG President Jeremy Stein. “With our commitment to game development, we will be able to offer at least 30 titles in 2015, with many more on the way.”

The EncoreRBG technology will enable rapid advances in the customer product. “Thanks to our open architecture platform, outside game developers will be able to design new historic horse racing game titles for the EncoreRBG system, an option that is currently unavailable to them,” continued Stein. “I anticipate that racetrack operators will eventually have hundreds of game titles to choose from in order to provide their customers with an unrivaled entertainment experience.”

A key feature of the EncoreRBG system is that it does not use a random number generator, random draws, or other random elements to determine whether players win their wager, the wager payout amount, or any multipliers or bonus awards. Instead, all of those outcomes are determined strictly by the finishing order of the horse races, and how many finishing positions the player accurately predicts. In addition, the EncoreRBG system is completely pari-mutuel and does not use static payouts or pools. EncoreRBG is patent-pending for many of its system and method innovations that allow game play to be based solely on the outcome of historic horse races. One specific feature is the Triple Race Method™, which uses three races at once to produce a truly unique handicapping and betting challenge for players.

“In addition to electronic gamers, traditional handicappers will enjoy EncoreRBG games, as they are given the option to study handicapping data for as long as they want before placing a bet on the horse races,” continued Stein. “The player also has access to on-demand stop-action computer enhanced video replays and race charts at the conclusion of each event to verify and review the race results.”

The Encore RBG system has been tested and verified by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), an independent game-testing lab that evaluates the vast majority of electronic gaming devices and systems in North America. An eight month testing process has validated all EncoreRBG tote and pooling functions, verified that all wagers are determined by the outcome of horse races and not any random elements, verified that all wagers are pari-mutuel and do not utilize static pools or payouts, and verified that all reporting and auditing functions are accurate and operational.

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