Exacta News | May 13, 2021

Exacta Systems celebrates $600k jackpot win and watches million-dollar prize pool in Virginia

New Kent, VA – Officials at Rosie’s Gaming Emporium announced another impressive jackpot win at their original location, Rosie’s in New Kent. Last week, an anonymous player was awarded a six-figure prize of $649,000 on Exacta System’s Scorchin’ Hot Ruby’s 30-line game.

“Rosie’s continues posting six-figure record jackpots; what was once unique has become routine,” said John Marshall, Executive Vice President of Operations at Colonial Downs Group & Rosie’s Gaming. “The team at Rosie’s is happy for all of our winners and thrilled to have paid $150 million in jackpots in two short years. Our network of Rosie’s Gaming Emporiums is pleased to lead the way in presenting the best in HHR entertainment.”

As jackpot leaders in Historical Horse Racing (HHR), Exacta anticipates more life-changing wins on Virginia grounds, including a climbing $1 million jackpot at Rosie’s in Richmond, and an $815,000 pool at Rosie’s in Vinton.

“The Exacta system was designed to offer parimutuel pools that have the capacity to grow rapidly into life-changing amounts,” said Jeremy Stein, President and CEO of Exacta Systems. “The size of the jackpots demonstrates that Historic Horse Racing, when presented in an entertaining and technologically-advanced manner, can be attractive to customers even in competitive wagering environments.”

About Exacta
Exacta Systems is a leader in the historical horse racing and central determinate technology markets. Its Exacta Connect product supports a “build once, deploy many” regulatory approved system that delivers engaging and entertaining games across different central determinate market segments. Exacta’s best-of-breed HHR library, combined with its open system platform that accommodates third party-manufacturer content, ensures that HHR customers enjoy a second-to-none entertainment experience. For more information about the company and the Exacta historic horse racing system, visit www.exactasystems.com.

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