Exacta News | March 3, 2016

Federal Court Dismisses Racetech Patent Lawsuit Against Encore

Bowling Green, KY – The United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky yesterday dismissed RaceTech LLC’s patent infringement lawsuit against Encore Racing Based Games (RBG). RaceTech brought the suit alleging that Encore had violated three separate patents relating to its historic horse racing system.

In dismissing all three RaceTech claims, the Court wrote:

“RaceTech’s patents encompass subject matter facially unpatentable under Section 101. The only plausible reading of the ‘150, ‘887, and ‘737 patents reflects that they are ineligible for patent protection. The Asserted Patents are abstract ideas, and RaceTech has failed to demonstrate an inventive concept required to transform these claims into patentable subject matter within the meaning of Section 101. Thus, the claims asserted in the Amended Complaint must be dismissed.”

“We are grateful that the Court dismissed all of RaceTech’s patent infringement claims,” commented Encore President Jeremy Stein. “Encore was founded to be the clear cut industry leader in historic horse racing systems and games. We took great care to ensure that not only was our technology state of the art, but that our unique and innovative system was built to comply with all legal requirements. With this ruling behind us, Encore will continue to be the horse racing industry’s next-generation historic horse racing provider of choice.”

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