Who We Are

Exacta Systems was founded in 2013 to answer a growing market need: fresh, innovative thinking and product development in the exciting new entertainment business known as Historical Horse Racing. We are investing in the future of horse racing by bringing to market an unprecedented line of electronic games capable of delivering a great player experience and a welcome business uplift for racing – millions of dollars of documented direct revenue benefits for authorizing states, track operators, horse owners, trainers, breeders and other vital industry stakeholders.

The Exacta line of pari-mutuel horse racing game terminals already features dozens of titles performing on a robust system platform that utilizes authorized, previously conducted racing events to create a truly unique and compelling entertainment experience for the customer. While the games themselves represent a new era in player-friendly horse racing product, the Exacta System’s architecture enables creative game design by third-party developers; customized player tracking and marketing for operators; and the kind of comprehensive monitoring, controls and reporting that regulatory agencies need to see.

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